Twitter Art Exhibition in Moss

In the fall of 2010, Moss library had to suspend all new aquisitions due to the difficult economic situation in the county. This meant that there would be no new books, films etc. purchased until the next year.

The artist David Sandum came to Moss Library with an idea: He wanted to create an art exhibition by artists from all over the world. He kept in touch with these artists using Twitter. The name of the project: ”140 characters” is derived from the maximum number of characters in one tweet, and initially only 140 artists were to participate. But, because of the overwhelming interest shown by artists, the exhibition was expanded to include 240 artists.

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The artworks are exhibited in the library until the end of january and each artwork costs kr 200,-. The money raised by the project will be used to buy books and other necessary items for the children's department of the library.

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