Datarock to Istanbul

The concert is sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy, and is part of a cooperation-project between the Norwegian Embassy and Ghetto, named “Northern Lights”. In total three concerts by Norwegian artists have been realized in one year as a result of the project.

Computerized music

Datarock comes from Norway’s second largest city Bergen, known for its vast and vibrant music scene. The band was started by Fredrik Saroea and Ketil Mosnes in 2000, and they had their first album released in 2005. Since then another three have followed, together with numerous concerts and frequent plays on Norwegian and international radio hit lists.

– In Norwegian, you would call a computer a “data machine”, Saroea explains on the band’s official website.

– So in the beginning, Datarock was making fun of all the rock people that thought electronic music was simply computer-generated music.

Datarock proves them wrong by combining instruments like guitar, saxophone, base and drums in their electronic music. Together with a team of energetic dancers, all dressed in the same characteristic read sweat suits, the band is known for its lively and creative concerts. There is reason to believe that the upcoming one in Istanbul will be another sweaty success.

Big audience in Turkey

Most Norwegians would recognize the Datarock hits “Fa fa fa” and “Catcher in the Rye”. The band is also well known in Istanbul. The organizers have no doubt that this concert will be a hit.

– The music of Datarock is very catchy and danceable. They told us that the concert will be non-stop and peak towards the end. People should come to dance and have fun, the organizer Pinar Mumcu advices.

This will be the third time Datarock plays in Istanbul. Another Norwegian group, the electronic jazz-band Beady Belle, played at the venue in January this year, also as part of the Northern Lights project.

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