Saint-Petersburg Day in Stavanger

The visit was organized by Anna Kuriko, Deputy Head of International Relations Center, SPb.

The visit has started with the sight-seeing tour to Lysefjorden. In the evening the mayor of Stavanger, Lelf Johan Sevland, and the other representatives from Norway had welcomed the Delegation in the Stavanger Museum building, where the Official Opening of the Exhibition “Saint-Petersburg. Dialog of epochs” was conducted.

Mr. Sevland had emphasized the great importance of the two cities, the long history of the friendship between them, and also stated that the dialog between Russia and Norway is constantly increasing. He also noted that there are no uncertainties between the countries from now on, after signing the agreement of the borders in the Barents Sea. The mayor noticed in advance that there is a similarity between Stavanger and Saint-Petersburg, that Saint-Petersburg is the 4th largest city in Europe and Stavanger the 4th largest city in Norway.

The visit will last for three days. On Thursday, the one group of delegation will go to the University of Stavanger, where a conference on co-operation between the Russian and Norwegian Universities will be held. Meanwhile the other group will visit the Stavanger Art Museum with following discussion about the cultural connections of Stavanger and Saint-Petersburg.

According to Per Olav Hanssen, senior adviser of the Greater Stavanger organization, such days is held every year by turns. For example, in September 2009 the Day of Stavanger was conducted in Saint-Petersburg. In the 2011 something similar will surely be organized there again.

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