Furuset Went Bollywood!

Oslo residents filling Furuset center stomped and clapped to the beat and repeated the irresistible rhymes in unison, when Bollywood star Rafaqat Ali Khan took the stage together with the Bollywood Brass Band and local dancers, bands and drum orchestra for Bollywood hits on Saturday afternoon.

The colorful concert took place at Furuset Center as a part of the event “Furuset Goes Bollywood”. Young and old sang, clapped, cheered and danced at the center decorated for a Bollywood party.

The show opened with the Oslo Dholis’ show from the underground and into the center. A store was decorated with colorful poster exhibition from well-known Bollywood movies and Indian and Pakistani foods were served to the visitors. For three hours, the center was filled with dance, music, colors, smells and flavors inspired by Bollywood. The show was led by presenter Åse Kleveland, Rikskonsertene 's director.

And the mood peaked up, when the great Bollywood star Rafaqat Ali Khan started to sing Bollywood hits. And he did not disappoint the audience.

"It has not been so cool here on Furuset for a long time! All of us who are here are so inclined to dance, and then you meet a lot of friends here at the same time, "says 13 year old Tehrim Ahmed.

Yeah, this was very successful and very impressive, "said Iqbal Khan. "I know the Rafaqat Ali Khan from Pakistan, he is a well- known star. I live in another district, but had to come here to see! Such events should get to other areas too, "said Khan.

Another Pakistani audience, Muhammed Ahzal suggested that this performance by a Pakistani singer and Indian ban proved music can be the bridge of peace and love between the two countries.

Local Artists

As part of the event, drum orchestra Oslo Dholis, local dancers and Oslo's oldest bands, Oslo Janitsjarkorps also performed. They have been rehearsing intensively with London-based Bollywood Brass Band to learn Bollywood hits.

-To play Bollywood music was something completely new. This was fun! We have never done anything like this before! It was very educational for us as musicians because the rhythms are so different compared to those we are accustomed to. "said Eivind Skorstad in the band.

Pervaiz Afzal dancing on the stage with the rhythm of Rafaqat Ali Khan’s songs told that it was an amazing concert and would like to have more these kinds of social events in the region.

Bollywood Star, Rafaqat Ali Khan

Pakistani Rafaqat Ali Khan is famous in India and Pakistan. He is educated and well-known in Indian classical singing, but is probably best known as the voice behind a number of film songs in Bollywood. -"This was fantastic! For me it is a privilege to come here and sing. The audience here has been absolutely fantastic – so energetic, so participating and happy!” said Khan.

It is not the first time Rafaqat Ali Khan in Oslo. In 2008 he sang in the Opera House and Queen Sonja at the opening of the Mela Festival in Oslo City Hall. When Rafaqat Ali Khan performed at the Opera, it was again with the Bollywood Brass Band.

"This is the second time we play together. We communicate very well musically, and I look forward to hold a concert at a shopping center – there will be a new experience for me, " had said Ali Khan before the concert.

-People come here for the shopping – but I think they forgot about it quite a while! This was an unbelievable experience I will never forget!”, said he. He also expressed that he loves Oslo, where he can find music, love and peace at the same time.

The Bollywood Brass Band

The Bollywood Brass Band is a brass band playing Bollywood and traditional Indian music, based in London, England. The band was formed in 1992 to perform with the Shyam Brass Band from Jabalpur, India, at the International Festival of Street Music in London. They have continued to perform and record in a wide variety of musical styles, including Hindi film hits, Bhangra, qawwali, Punjabi folk songs, and wedding songs, tinged with influences from jazz, other world musics, and modern dance music. They perform at weddings, world-music and street-music festivals, and cultural festivals.

The Bollywood Brass Band is made up of more than ten musicians, playing saxophones, trumpets, trombones, sousaphone, and snare and bass drums and also features Johnny Kalsi and members of the Dhol Foundation on dhol drums.

Oslo World Music Festival

Oslo World Music Festival has become a yearly tradition for music lovers who seek out charts course. Gilberto Gil, Paco de Lucia, Tinariwen, Tony Allen, Estrella Morente, Miguel Poveda, Bajofundo Tango Club Balkan Beat Box, Omara Portuondo and Staff Benda Bilili are just some of the artists who have been at the festival before.

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