The Championship on speed SMS typing in Norway.

On Saturday, Oct. 23, the qualifying round of the championship on high-speed sending SMS was held. Under the terms of the championship, the participants were invited to write a text on their mobile phones for the shortest period of time.

In 2009, the 23-year-old Sonja Kristiansen was the winner of a similar contest. In the final round of the championship, participants have to type this SMS as fast as possible:

Piranha species Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus have teeth sharp like a blade and are the most ferocious freshwater fish. But in reality they seldom attack humans.

The girl was able to type a text of 160 characters in 37.28 seconds. Christiansen not only took the first place, but also set a world record. This year, last year's record-holder again decided to take part in the championship, and as the winner of last year, she didn’t have to go through qualifying round. Christiansen notes that last year she had worthy competitors who failed to win just because they were very nervous.

SMS service is extremely popular way of communicating in Norway. Earlier this year, the third World Championship on speed typing of SMS–messages organized by LG Electronics was hosted in New York. A team of South Korean teenagers had won it.

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