Norwegian Military Band Confused Swiss National Anthem

Serious confusion has occurred when the President and the delegation of Switzerland were on their recent state visit to Norway.

The Norwegian royal family according to rules met the prime minister. And here according to the protocol, anthem of Switzerland had to be played. But what the musicians played – only they know since no one else haven’t heard the melodies.

After the very embarrassment that occurred in the royal palace, it was confirmed that no one knows exactly which hymn was played, but certainly not Swiss. As reported by the NTB, the musicians could not accurately determine what song they played, saying that they got the score from the archives.

President of Switzerland, however, was reserved and had not expressed that something is going wrong. The royal family has already apologized. A conductor of an orchestra promised to figure out whose fault it was.

The Swiss Embassy met this diplomatic embarrassment with humor. After the ceremony, Doris Leuthard and her husband dined with King Harald and Queen Sonja.

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