Norwegian designer gathers one million giraffes in 440 days

Friends specified that collection via the Internet is allowed. Ola got down to business, so much zealously that won the dispute early. He has collected one million images of giraffes for 440 days. Helland decided to collect especially the giraffes because of great love for the long-necked animals, and because everyone can draw a giraffe. “People always depict giraffes in different ways and rejoice when they paint them,” – said the designer.

He has posted the first copies on the web-site and asked visitors to send him a giraffe. And he began to receive not only pictures of giraffes, but also giraffes made from corn, banana, felt, wood, clay, paper clips, candy and many other materials. Web designer noted that the site will continue to exist despite the fact that he was able to gather necessary amount for victory in dispute.

One Million Giraffes will continue to take pictures. “Jorgen was wrong,” – states the inscription on the site. “I can tell my grandchildren about this and will do so as long as they do not hate my story” – promised Ola Helland.

We don’t know what the matter of bet was, but, thanks to the counting by MR7, we now know that Ola had to collect 4 giraffe in a minute, continuously for eight hours each of 440 days to fulfill the collection.

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