Get ready for Summersplash 2010

For 6th year in a row, Summersplash has been arranged in Oslo. X-Ray ungdomskulturhus, Sinsen Kulturhus and Ung Media present Summersplash 2010. The event will take place at Sentrum Scene on Saturday 25th September, at 18:00.

Summersplash is currently the biggest, noncommercial and urban youth festival in Oslo. Besides the entrance is free.

The festival is organized by youth for youth and is growing year by year. “Together we inspire, motivate and empower the youth!” being their motto, Summersplash aims to let the young artists have opportunity to perform on a professional scene together with known artists. In this frame, Summersplash has become an arena where many young artists have realized their dream and developed the creativity they possess. It has served as a springboard for many of the largest hip hop artists.

SummerSplash 2010

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