100% Democracy for Cows: Norwegian Cow Stars in new Cow-Reality

Ten carefully selected cows have been assigned with a special task during their week on live-streamed show. As a first ever experiment, Norway’s largest manufacturer of dairy products has asked them to help select the next flavor of the milk brand called LITAGO.

– This is very exciting. In my lifetime, I have never heard of any animals being fully in charge of the development of a new consumer product, says the dairy farmer and owner Elin Mork.

In the pursuit of the next flavor, the field has been divided into 25 squares, each representing their own unique flavor. The one square in which the cows have spent most time throughout the week wins, and the flavor represented by the most popular square becomes the new LITAGO flavor that will be launched in January, 2010.

Also, the reality viewers can vote on different activities to take place on the field, in order to influence the final result. By choosing which square they want the activities to take place, they can lure the cows into the square representing their favorite flavor. The activities can range from a full marching band playing their favorite tunes, to a big drop of bananas or a singing milkmaid.

The cow celebrities even have their own Twitter profiles to stay in touch with their rapidly growing fans. By following their Twitter profiles, fans can get a glance of what the cows are thinking, why they act as they do, and also get to know their favorite cow a little better.

– It's incredibly rewarding to engage consumers in a way that differs significantly from what is accustomed in traditional marketing channels, says Brand manager of Litago, Anette Tvenge. She notes that they aim to ensure 100 percent democracy in food choice.

Viral Consultant, Martine Kveim comments that it is strange to let the cows decide the flavor, make them reality starts and twitter. She maintains it has been a spectacular experience with different kind of involvement compared in the previous campaigns thanks to the creative team members, Eirik Sørensen and Finn Kristian Knudsen.

Lucky Norwegian Cows

Kveim also considers that the campaign reflects the ironic and dry Norwegian sense of humor. Equally, it highlights the status of cows in Norwegian culture. Although the cow is not regarded holy among Norwegians, they are treated with respect and care. Aligning this sensitivity, every aspect of the campaign has been designed by the farmer carefully considering the cows' routine life. Kveim defines this mentioning a phone call from the farmer in the previous day. She calls them and tells it would rain on Wednesday, and then expresses her unwillingness to let the cows out to protect them from rain even in the expense of the hitch for the show. Full cow-democracy rules.

– It shows how lucky the cows in Norway are. They are being treated well and there are a lot of rules for them. They all even have names, adds Kveim.

When it comes to the concerns about the future impact of the show on the life of the star cows, Anette Tvenge clarifies that it is good for them and how happy the cows are to have banana one day and music another day.

Tremendous growth of Litago Brand

Litago Children's Products is a line of flavored milk products specially designed for children, in terms of taste, texture and packaging. Since the re-launch in 2008, Litago succeed tremendous sales growth. From 2008 to 2009, sales grew by 71 percent. Engagement and Democracy in social media has been a key element for their sales strategy.

Special thanks to Henrik Røtjer Guder Credits: TINE SA / Creative: DIST Creative and Jimmy Royal

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