Science Fair in Oslo

Oslo Science Fair takes place at the University Square for two days in late September each year. It is the biggest single event during the nationwide National Science Week, which is initiated by the Research Council. The University participates in the event with 13 exhibitors in the square. This year's theme is “research tools”.

The University participates with these units:

  • ARENA – Centre for European Research
  • CICERO – Centre for Climate Research
  • Department of Geosciences
  • Department of Molecular Biosciences
  • Department of Political Science
  • InterMedia – Use and design of new technologies in learning and communication
  • Cult rans – an interdisciplinary research field
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Norwegian Dictionary 2014
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Department of Psychology
  • Center for Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  • The Faculty of Education

Time and place:

24 September 2010 9:00-16:00
25 September 2010 10:00-17:00
University Square, downtown Oslo, Karl Johans gate 47

A mix of Norwegian and Indian dances by Lavleen Kaur and Ulf-Arne Johannessen. Arranged by Culcom (Cultural Complexity in The New Norway, University of Oslo). Part of Oslo Science Fair

A Continuing Challenge of Fake And Substandard Medicaments

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