The Norwegian Sites on the World Heritage List

The Røros Bergstad has been on the list for 30 years, but the new decision is an extension of the area that includes the unique values that exist in the cultural landscape around the mining town : The traces of mining activity, and winter transportation. Heritage Committee has thus recognized that it is a vital link between the mining town and its surroundings.

Environment and Development Minister Erik Solheim is very happy for the decision , and he confirms his willingness to continue their support for the World Heritage .

In the committe's decision, it was said:

Røros Bergstad , established in 1646, is unique. It is built entirely of wood, and is closely related to a landscape that shows an excellent way of how the mining operations, transportation and way of life had to adapt to nature's demands – the mountain plateau , cold climate, remoteness , without roads and with marginal growth opportunities for forest and agriculture. On this basis, a unique culture that is partly disappeared developed , but its clear traces have been preserved.

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