Evaluation of Norway’s Work on Minority Languages

An expert committee of the Council of Europe has rated Norway’s follow-up of the European Pact for Regional and Minority Languages, and comes with recommendations for what areas Norway should work on.
Norway reported about his work with the Minority Pact for the fourth time in the summer of 2008. Expert Committee’s assessment of Norway is based on this report, in addition to information from minority institutions and organizations, and information that the Council of Europe have collected on their own.
In its assessment expert committee recommends Norway to give priority to:
•ensure Northern Sami-language services in health and care institutions within the administrative area of the Sami Language
•clarify the status of Lule and South Sami language
•continue its efforts to ensure training and the Lule and South Sami, including the development of educational materials and teacher training in these languages
•continue efforts ensuring and promoting Kven language especially regarding training and using Kven languages in media
•develop measures that can promote language teaching in Romani and Novel in collaboration with the users of these languages
The follow-up of the final recommendations of the Council of Europe will take place in cooperation with concerned ministries, and in dialogue with the Saami Parliament and representatives of national minorities.

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