Made in Norway, Screened in Serbia

Eighteen Norwegian films will be displayed at V.I.P. Art Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia on 10th of November 2009, in collaboration with Art Video Exchange.

Mona Bentzen, Margarida Paiva, Oslo, and Bojana Romic, Belgrade, is part of an international network of curators fostering video art exchanges between their countries. In that respect, the ArtVideoExchange-Norway v/Mona Bentzen and Oslo Screen Festival v/Margarida Paiva are invited by ArtVideoExchange-Serbia v/Bojana Romic to display a Norwegian video program and give a lecture about the Norwegian contemporary video art in the V.I.P.Art Gallery in Belgrade, Serbia.

ArtVideoExchange(AVE) is an international exchange program and initiative between curators developed to organize exhibition opportunities for video artists worldwide. By promoting the production and circulation of international video programming AVE works to foster a greater appreciation of video art and an exchange of ideas between artists, curators and audiences worldwide.

The other participant of the program, Oslo Screen Festival is an international festival, which focuses on experimental video works that emphasise emerging poetics of the medium, bringing together established and young artists to present their work to Oslo audiences. Its aim is to promote international video works in Norway and Norwegian video works abroad.

Program Details

coordinator ArtVideoExchange-Serbia: Bojana Romic

Curator of V.I.P. Gallery: Garbijel Savi Ra

Curator ArtVideoExchange-Norway: Mona Bentzen

Curator Oslo Screen Festival: Margarida Paiva

November 9th:

19h Video screening, ArtVideoExchange-Norway (curator: Mona Bentzen)

Duration 01:05:37

20h Lecture and discussion with Mona Bentzen

1: Sabina Jacobsson – Womens Voice of Iran (2007)

2: Bull.Miletic – Par Hasard (Eng. By Chance) (2009)

3: Karima Risk and Linda Saveholt – The Wall (2008)

4: Birgitte Sigmundstad- How to explain direct action to a live rabbit


5: Per Teljer – The Samaritan (2000)

6: Bjørn E. Pettersen – Eddy Baby (2009)

7: Margarida Paiva – Fragments from an Unknown Woman (2008)

8: Farhad Kalantary – Moving Target (2007)

9: Mona Bentzen – Made of Water (2008)

10: Jannicke Låker – Sunday Morning (2007)

11: Risto Holopainen – PEK (2007)

12: Martin Skauen – Felix Culpa, A Handmade Massacre (2007)

November 10th:

18h Video screening, Oslo Screen Festival (curator: Margarida Paiva)

Duration: 30:00

18:30h Lecture and discussion with Margarida Paiva

The Norwegian films to be Displayed in the program in 10th November

1: Anne-Britt Rage – A thousand reasons why to become a socialist (1994)

2: Kaia Hugin Motholic – Mobble part 1 (2008)

3: Ane Lan – Africa (2007)

4: Bjørn Erik Haugen – A pale shade of grey (2007)

5: Geir Hansteen Jørgensen – Metamorphosis (2007)

6: Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal – Zygote (2008)

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