Smakens Uke Taste

Ministry of Agriculture and Food invites all the Norwegian people to participate in Smakens Uke (taste week). This week starts today and runs until 6 November. The purpose is to raise awareness of food pleasure and quality.
Smakens Uke, the idea of which was taken from France, is organized in collaboration with education offices in the ministry, Norwegian Cook Masters Association, Coop Norway and the French Cultural Center.
Smakens Uke is marked by a series of events around the country. In this week, more than 200 schools conduct a special educational program to learn more about the taste and food pleasure. 40 classes will be visited by a team of taste chefs, scientists from Nofima or from the Information office of the land. 18 canteens around the country will also promote and raise the awareness different tastes, including the basic tastes of sour, salty, sweet, bitter and Umami.In addition, all the country’s teenagers invited to participate in a packed lunch competition organized by Coop Norway.

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