Louise Kahn: I feel more at home in Norway

The Israeli electro-rock-pop band Terry Poison’s founder and singer, Louise Kahn said she feels more comfortable in Norway with their English and French electronic music about boys and partying, in her interview at Jewish Journal

Louise Kahn was born and raised in Norway in a Jewish family with strong Zionist motivation. She was sent to the Bnei Akiva Zionist youth movement as a child by her Zionist parents. Even though she spent her childhood in the northern Norwegian city, Trondheim, she moved to Oslo with her family at age 10. She then left Norway for Israel to practice her own music in “Holy Land”, Jewish State at age 19.

In the interview, Kahn was described as more Norwegian looking with her blonde hair extensions. She also said that

-“If you’re a minority like me—even if my family is three generation Norwegian—I didn’t really feel like I belonged. When I came to Tel Aviv, it was very freeing to be a part of the majority and leave this ‘Jewish business’ behind.”

However she added that she feels more at home in Norway as the singer of a popular electro-rock pop band than as a Jew even if Norwegian media always presents her as Jew, that she thinks it’s very dangerous noting how Norway has a poor pro-Israel track record.

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