The most Delicious Week in Norway

The French Cultural Center in Oslo invites all the country’s 6th and 7th classes to a cake competition on the occasion of Smakens Uke. Winner class cake will be baked and sold in many bakeries throughout the country under Smakens week.

A professional jury which will consist of bakers, chiefs and chocolate makers will select the 5 best recipes for the following criteria:

Ingredients in accordance with the requirements, quality of ingredients, the balance between the different flavors, consistency and originality.

Competition Rules:

The cake must contain the following ingredients: 2 varieties of fruit or vegetables, flour, sugar and 2 different spices. The other ingredients will be determined by the participating students.

Students should Give the Cake a Name. Use Your Imagination!

The recipe (ingredients and the quantity and method of baking the cake) as well as image and name on the cake is to be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] before 21 October 2009.

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