Norway blues guitar to India and Nepal

Norway’s most renowned blues guitarist, Knut Reiersrud travels to India and Nepal under the auspices of the Norwegian Concert Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The trip includes concerts, and workshops.

Knut Reiersrud are among the most coveted, well-traveled and musically versed guitarist. He has played with world famous artists like Dr. John, Joe Cocker and Steve Ray Vaughn. He has a deep expertise in the Norwegian folk music, from Iver Kleive church organ to the Pakistani Deepika pop. But – a particularly big heart he has for the Eastern musical heritage.

– I inform me much against Iranian, Pakistani and Indian music, and I think it’s fun to play with people who have different approaches to music than myself, “said Knut Reiersrud, just before he heads to his trip.

In India he will play a concert with one of India’s premier blues band, Soul Mate, the club Blue Frog in Mumbai (October 1) and at Rocktoberfest in Delhi (3-4. October).

Moreover, the trip includes a visit to Nepal (7-11. October) and the Himalayan Blues Festival in Kathmandu. During the visit, Reiersrud will finalize a disc, he started the recording with the Nepalese folk music group, Vajra. They had released “Himalaya Blues” together in 2004. The guitarist will also hold a workshop at Nepal Music Center in Nepal.

Reiersrud are known to travel with a small arsenal of guitars, tuned for any possible geographic and musical encounter.

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