Simple Steps to Creating a Cosmopolitan and Hygge-Comforting Norwegian B&B

Travelers to Norway seek the simplistic Scandinavian design with a touch of familiarity. While most international visitors love the idea of hygge, the English translation of cozy doesn’t do it any justice. It is a word that can be only explained through experiencing it. However, with chic modernity, more travelers are seeking a bit of the cosmopolitan lifestyle regardless of whether they are at Lofoten for Aurora Borealis or skiing.

As a B&B owner, competition is stiff from the various ski resorts and hotels dotted around the country. Sprucing up your space to be cosmopolitan, and elegant while still maintaining the integrity of hygge, is a matter of creative thinking, finding the right pieces, and sharing those Instagram snaps. Here’s a simple blueprint to get you inspired.

Decorating for guests is very similar to spending time decorating your personal living space. B&Bs are generally accepted as shared spaces and so often reflect the tastes of the owner. However, when deciding on creating a cosmopolitan feel, you will have to forgo some of your preferences in place of those that will boost business and appeal to international visitors.

Different styles will require different furniture arrangements and decorations. For example, if you are looking for an open and airy feel, it will be best to use minimalistic furniture, namely hvit hagebenk, and save space by not placing too many items on the floor. If you want a more cozy feel, with lots of pillows and blankets around, then it would be better to use more furniture that can serve as seating.

Most people tend to forget that even though tourists are all about going out and exploring their surroundings, they still want to have a home away from home feel. This includes having enough storage space, plus outdoor seating. Meeting these needs is not complicated and affordable outdoor furniture like a solsenger, could add that touch of magic. As for storage, a sturdy, neutral, but well-crafted wardrobe would do.

Drawers are also a must for when people want to stay longer and store small items like socks and underwear. Bedside tables with organizing space make it easier for guests to not only an elegant night light but also a charging station for their tech. Ideally, another charging station would be added to help people sleep better as they are not disturbed by tech charging lights as they sleep.

If you want to create a cozy and warm feeling in the room, you need to set up the lighting accordingly. You can use lamps with a low-wattage bulb and make sure that they are not too bright. You can also use electrical or battery-operated candles for this purpose.

You should avoid using harsh or bright lighting because it can adversely affect your mood and make you feel uncomfortable. Guests need to feel at ease at all times and it’s the little things that make any stay memorable. In the end, it’s the reviews and experience that boost business and keep your B&B occupied throughout the year.

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