Lofoten’s Hauklandstranda Crowned Europe’s Finest Beach by Lonely Planet in 2024

Once again, a Norwegian beach wins Lonely Planet’s list of Europe’s best beaches, writes NRK.

In a surprising twist, you don’t need to venture to warmer climes to discover Europe’s most stunning beaches. According to the esteemed travel publisher Lonely Planet, the continent’s top beaches for 2024 are closer than you think, with a jewel nestled in the Lofoten archipelago taking the prestigious first place.

Hauklandstranda, situated in the Vestvågøy municipality, has once again claimed the coveted title as Europe’s finest beach. This breathtaking stretch of coastline is not a newcomer to accolades, having previously secured the top spot in 2021 as well. Joining the ranks of Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Denmark, Lofoten continues to make waves in the beach destination arena.

Lonely Planet gushes over Hauklandstranda, emphasizing its chilly yet enticing waters that beckon visitors to take the plunge. Describing Lofoten as an arctic dream, the publication paints a vivid picture of the beach’s unique charm, highlighting the pointed granite peaks, velvety soft sand, and the mesmerizing blue sea that defines Hauklandstranda, also known as Hauklandsanden on the Swedish Map Agency.

“The water is cool, but you will still want to jump in,” notes Lonely Planet, capturing the irresistible allure of Hauklandstranda. This recognition further solidifies Lofoten’s reputation as a must-visit destination for beach enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and unparalleled coastal experience in the heart of the Arctic.

Line Renate Samuelsen, the Head of Tourism in Lofoten, expressed her enthusiasm for the attention garnered from Lonely Planet, emphasizing the positive impact on tourism in the region. “It means a lot for Lofoten as a tourism destination. There is a nature here that grabs you, and then we have so many places like Hauklandstranda. The contrasts here are so wonderful from season to season.”

Samuelsen highlights the unique appeal of Hauklandstranda, pointing to the striking contrast between the surrounding mountains and the mesmerizing midnight sun during the summer months. This juxtaposition creates long, luminous nights, contributing to an arctic landscape that paradoxically resembles a Caribbean beach.

“The contrast between the mountains there, and then you have the midnight sun right next to you in summer, which gives long bright nights. It is an arctic landscape at the same time as it looks like a Caribbean beach,” she explains, underscoring the multifaceted beauty that sets Hauklandstranda apart.

As Lofoten continues to captivate travelers with its unparalleled natural wonders, the acknowledgment from Lonely Planet is expected to draw even more tourists to the region, further establishing Lofoten as a must-visit destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of Arctic wilderness and beachfront serenity.

These are Europe’s best beaches

  1. Hauklandstranda, Lofoten, Norway
  2. Cala Goloritzè, Sardinia, Italy
  3. West Beach, Skottland
  4. Palombaggia, Korsika
  5. Playa Illetes, Formentera, Spain
  6. Barafundle Bay Beach, Wales
  7. Arrifana Beach, Portugal
  8. Cala Macarella, Menorca, Spain
  9. Navagio Beach, Hellas
  10. Coll Baix beach, Mallorca
  11. Porquerolles, Frankrike
  12. Red sand, Iceland
  13. Catedrais Beach, Spania
  14. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
  15. Lara Beach, Kypros
  16. Golden War, Croatia
  17. Dueodde, Denmark
  18. Keem Bay, Ireland
  19. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Hellas
  20. Spiaggia dei Conigli, Sicily, Italy
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