A Peculiar Way to Enjoy Norway Summer: Bathing in the World’s Largest Saunas

We might have a different definition of summer here in Norway. One of the manifestation of this peculiar summer concept is in Oslo: An outdoor sauna experience in summer.

Yes, you can enjoy a bath and a sauna at SALT, a temporary art project that brings together arts, music, food and architecture in four wooden constructions inspired by the traditional Norwegian racks for drying fish.

SALT houses four different saunas, including a private barrel sauna and a communal sauna with room for up to 100 people. To cool down, you may choose between a cool tub or simply taking a bath in the fjord.

SALT is located at Langkaia, close to the Oslo Opera House.

Group or Communal Sauna

Price level starts from NOK 200 per person if you would liek to have a small private group sauna.

Also, every Saturday, you can experience a communal sauna session in the Árdna amphitheater at SALT. The fire is stoked up in one of the world’s largest saunas, and in a century-old sherry barrel right outside. Árdna seats more than 100 people and keeps a pleasant temperature of about 60°C. The sherry barrel holds up to 8 persons, and with an inside temperature of 80–90 °C, it is perfect for those who want a boost.

Imagine Dragons took stage on Salt in June 2017.

Every sauna session has a different programme, and may include authors, poets, musicians, DJs, slam poetry, performance artists or just a chill and relaxing playlist. Árdna also houses a fully licensed bar.

Swimsuits are required, and you are encouraged to bring your own towel (towels can also be rented at SALT).There are two cold baths available, one with salt water and one with fresh water. There are two dressing rooms, one for women (with a mirror) and one for men.

Price: NOK 225 per person

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