Norway will have Europe’s first underwater restaurant

When finished in March of 2019, Under will emerge as the underwater restaurant the world has never seen, according to the restaurant owners brothers Gaute Ubostad and Stig Ubostad.

– The project is a nice mixture of madness and reason. You definitely have to be a bit fearless in order to create something this spectacular, says Gaute Ubostad, initiator and co-owner of Under.

When he and his brother Stig Ubostad in 2014 bought Lindesnes Havhotell, they had already considered the wealth of opportunities right outside the hotel lobby.

Located on the southernmost tip of Norway, it is surrounded by a rugged and spectacular landscape, where sprays of salty water often blow far above the rooftop. So when the world´s largest underwater restaurant opens in March of 2019, it is dimensioned and constructed to withstand the roughest weather the weather gods have to offer. – The scenery and surroundings here will give the restaurant an extra dimension. It will make the experience even more exotic and unique to its visitors. Even the car ride out here, is a rare, breathtaking experience, he says.

High goals The goal is to wine and dine 10-15,000 guests yearly, which is quite a lot considering Lindesnes Municipality only consist of 5000 inhabitants. During the summer season the number is admittedly multiplied, but the Ubostad-brothers aren´t limiting their audience to the local visitors. They want foodies from all across the world to come visit their unique restaurant. Quality is therefore essential to be successful. – To become the world attraction we want to be, we must deliver a top quality experience. That is why we cooperate with highly skilled people within the fields of building technology, marine biology and gastronomy. We are also proud of the fact that the recognized architecture bureau Snøhetta, is responsible for our design, Gaute Ubostad continues.

Photo / The restaurant will also welcome interdisciplinary research teams studying marine biology and fish behavior. The researchers will help create optimize conditions on the seabed so that fish and shellfish can thrive in proximity to the restaurant.

50 million NOK

The project is estimated to cost 50 million NOK, and is largely funded by the brothers themselves and other investors. But the project has also received significant funding from Lindesnes Municipality, the county and from State resources.

– It´s a relief that the project is fully funded, and that the construction is in progress, Gaute Ubostad says.

The mayor of Lindesnes Municipality, Janne Fardal Kristoffersen, is among his group of supporters.

– This is a unique and very valuable project, not only for Lindesnes Municipality, but also for the tourism industry in Norway at large. I am really impressed by the courage and implementation capacity the Ubostad-brothers have shown, and I don´t doubt for a second that Under will become a very popular attraction, she says.

Very unique There are a few underwater restaurants in the world, and the most famous are located in the Maldives and in Dubai. But there are none situated in such rough surroundings as the one in Lindesnes. Thus, Under is a pioneer.

– It is unique, and we believe it will attract a lot of attention worldwide. So we will make it possible for guests from all around the world to come visit the restaurant and its surroundings. And since Under is so close to Lindesnes Havhotell, the hotel will become an important part of the total experience we offer our guests.

Photo: Snøhetta

Watch the underwater world while eating

The restaurant will be able to seat 100 guests at the same time, divided between closed parties and other guests. The restaurant will open for bookings half a year in advance, and the head chef is the award winning Danish cook Nicolai Ellitsgaard. The meal will consist of a set menu of approximately 15 different dishes.

When visiting Under, the guests will first enter the champagne bar, which is on the mezzanine level of the construction. From there, they will be led down the stairs to the lower level and the cozy and spectacular restaurant. During the meal, the guests can watch the underwater world, thanks to a large, panoramic window.

– The goal is to become one of the most important attractions and best gastronomic experiences in both Norway and the world at large. It is a tough goal, but then again, it is pretty exotic to enjoy top quality food six meters underneath the sea level, concludes Gaute Ubostad.

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