Live Easter in Norway Like a Norwegian

One of the most important parts of Norwegian Easter tradition is going to mountain, skiing and hiking just to have some early sun burn. This unmatched experience can promise you more than observing a local custom.

Specialist hiking destinations of the country offer a selection of accommodation and hiking possibilities for getting to know the natural beauty of Norway closer with your whole family.

Hiking in Jotunheimen

Hiking suggestions in Jotunheimen include Besseggen, the child-friendly Hulderstigen and Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen. Besseggen, Jotunheimen Besseggen is located in Oppland in Eastern Norway. This is perhaps the most popular of all mountain hikes amongst Norwegians. Steep paths and airy surroundings, with views of the Jotunheimen National Park, give you a feeling of mastering the mountains. Looking down, you have a blue lake on one side and a green one on the other. The walk takes approximately seven to eight hours.

Gaustatoppen, Telemark


On a clear day, you can see one sixth of Norway from the top of Gaustatoppen. Located in the county of Telemark in Southern Norway, Gaustatoppen is easily accessible. From the parking lot at Stavro, between Rjukan and Tuddal, you will spend about three hours to get to the top, and two to walk back down again – a five hour hike in total. Just before your reach the summit, there is a lodge where you can have a meal or spend the night. It is necessary to book in advance. The altitude difference is 700 metres, and the hike is fairly easy. Hiking boots are recommended.

The Lillehammer Hiking Slot

The Lillehammer Region has vast mountain plains with a comprehensive network of paths and roads. The region is divided in two by the Gudbrandsdalen Valley, which winds north from Lillehammer towards the National Parks of Rondane and Jotunheimen.

The Lillehammer Region offers an unlimited number of possibilities if you like to be active outdoors. The region is a perfect starting point whether you wish to stay in one place or walk from cabin to cabin or hotel to hotel. The landscape is varied, and consists of anything from forests to mountain plains. In this unique environment you will feel relaxed and at peace immediately.

Frognerseteren and Holmenkollen

Photo : Marika Lüders. Two Norwegians are cooking during their hiking tour in oslo

If you are less expereinced in hiking and you would like to stay near Oslo, then these central areas are ideal for you. The Holmenkollen area is a perfect place hiking or mountain biking. If you have little time you can walk from Frognerseteren restaurant to the ski jump (or opposite) and then take the subway to wherever you are headed, or you can hike further north into the forest, or east, then you will end up at Sognsvann a popular lake in Oslo. This lake is the last stop of subway line 3 Sognsvann. The best is to go the opposite way because then you can reward yourself with nice food and cakes at Frognerseteren restaurant after hiking all the way from Sognsvann. They have free maps over the area at the tourist information offices. It is also possible to visit the area by bike, there is a bike outlet at Voksenkollen (a station along the Frognerseteren subway line).

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