Historically Cheap to Fly Between Norway – USA

Prices for airline tickets between Norway and the largest US cities are now at a historically low level, writes Aftenposten.

Anyone planning a flight to the United States in the near future will be able to enjoy all time’s lowest airline ticket prices across the Atlantic.

The average price of the most important destination in the US, New York, has fallen by 43 percent since 2010, shows figures published by the Norwegian Aviation Price Index on Wednesday.

– I think prices will fall even further,” says Ole Stouby, the Executive Vice President of the search engine

The reason for the downward price curve is that more and more low cost carriers, iNorwegian, have entered the competition on the transatlantic routes. These routes have long been the traditional companies like Lufthansa, British Airways and KLM’s most profitable routes, with high prices and limited competition.

Now travelers on both sides of the Atlantic have long been familiar with new companies with lower prices, writes Aftenposten. Price pressure has gradually become so large that the big and well-known airlines have been forced to follow the price trend by cutting their service level.

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