Would You Consider a Legendary Stay at a Lighthouse in Norway ?

A night at a light house sounds to be a legendary experience, right? But it is possible to do all over Norway. Lighthouses offering accommodation can be found all along the coast of Norway, from Vardø in the north to the Grimstad in the south.

Until quite recently lighthouses in Norway were manned and keepers lived in them. But by the 1990s automation had largely taken over and the living quarters were abandoned.

Today more than 60 historic lighthouses have found new roles offering accommodation to travellers in search of something a little bit different.

For a fan of fresh air and sea views, a lighthouse is a unique holiday home. Usually you live in the keeper’s cottage where you can make your own meals.

Among many, Haugjegla Lighthouse in Smøla in Nordmøre,Ryvarden Lighthouse near Haugesund and Kråkenes Lighthouse in Stryn and Nordfjord are three lighthouses that offer accommodation.

At some lighthouses you will be entirely alone on your own personal rock. Elsewhere you will become part of the local community. The small coastal villages tend to be extremely hospitable places, and a stay at a lighthouse may also involve late nights at the local pub or fishing with the local fishermen.

The lighthouses’ extraordinary locations and striking designs have enormous evocative power. In Norway the sense of history is especially powerful. After all, the sea and ships have for ages been the very lifeblood of the coast.


One of the few lighthouses that is open for visitors all year round is Littleisland Lighthouse in the far west of Vesterålen. The name is an accurate description of its location on a small island next to the ocean, making this a place for some quality peace and quiet. The staff live on the island as well, ensuring that guests have what they need at all times.

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