Travel to the United States from Norway Can Be Easier

The United States operates border preclearance facilities at a number of ports and airports in foreign countries. They are staffed and operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers. Travelers pass through Immigration and Customs, Public Health, and Department of Agriculture inspections before boarding their aircraft, ship or train. This process is intended to streamline border procedures, to reduce congestion at ports of entry, and to facilitate travel between the preclearance location and some U.S. airports that may not be equipped to handle international travellers. 

On Friday evening, it was announced that Oslo Airport has been selected as one in ten airports globally for exploring the possibility to establish “US preclearance”.

– We are delighted to be one in ten airports that go into this project. Now we look forward to the road ahead to see if we get an airport with “US preclearance” status, says CEO Øyvind Hasaas at Oslo Airport.

Today there are 15 airports in the world that has this status. Shannon Airport and Dublin Airport in Ireland are the only two in Europe. Abu Dhabi also has this status, and the remaining 12 airports are located in Canada and the Caribbean.

– This is a very exciting project that can give us a chance to make the journey from Oslo Airport to the US easier for passengers. We look forward to the road ahead and are excited about the conclusion, says Hasaas.


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