SAS and Norwegian to Make Using Cellphone on Board Possible

SAS and Norwegian have already softened restrictions, and allow the passengers to have their cell phone on during the entire flight. but the devices must  in airplane mode, at least during takeoff and landing.

But now the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, allow to use devices with 3G and 4G, such as mobile phones, PCs or tablet containing a SIM card, during the entire flight. Thus, flight mode can be history.

After the decision, the long-term goal for both SAS and Norwegian is to give you access to online services from boarding the plane until you go off again, writes NTB.

With the new rules, you will be able use your phone to make calls when the plane is in the air and you will not need to wait until it is parked and the sign of “fasten seat belts” is off.

Information Manager at SAS, Knut Morten Johansen says SAS will follow up the recommendations of EASA quickly and that new procedures should be in place within a few days. But he can not guarantee that it means that there will be a free-to-call during the entire flight.

In the interests of flight safety, SAS will not let the passengers talk on the phone, while attendants undergo safety procedures.

Norwegian has also changed things so you do not have to turn the phone off. You can still turn Wi-Fi on the aircraft after the aircraft reaches a height of 10,000 feet, or 3,000 meters.

Norwegian also looks at what they can implement after EASA presented its recommendations. Head of Information at Norwegian Lasse Sandakerveien-Nielsen says they basically are positive about the proposal, but they have not yet concluded anything. This means that it is too early to say when the new procedures may be in place, and what changes this will mean for air passengers.


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