Discover the Wonders of the Norwegian Coast with Atlanterhavsparken

Here you will find an architectural gem, integrated into the coastal nature between ocean and land, officially opened by the Norwegian King and Queen in 1998. Through the huge glass of aquariums it is possible to observe the life of sea creatures that live along the coast of Norway and in the seas of the Atlantic Ocean. You can experience for yourself what happens between small islands and cliffs and in deep sea waters of fjords.

Atlanterhavsparken is situated in the midst of a scenic area with hiking paths, monuments, fishing grounds, and a beach where you can go swimming or scubadiving. The area also has a wonderful view of the surrounding islands and vast ocean.

Every day at 13 o’clock you have the opportunity to see a diving show organized in the giant aquarium where a diver feeds the marine residents with his hand.

In the weekend at 15 o’clock you can even help feed the fish yourself in open aquariums. In addition, several times a day small kids and children can also help in feeding crabs in special pools. The spacious outdoor area has private park which is a home for penguins. They are fed daily at 14.30.

On the territory of the Atlantic Sea Park there are a cafe where you will enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside during a delicious meal. In the gift shop you can buy souvenirs, which will remind you of the park. Stroll through the beautiful grounds and an area of 6,000 square meters around the aquarium will perfectly complete your visit to the park. Here you can have fun in the specially designated areas for fishing and swimming, going on tourist routes or practicing diving.

Opening hours:

21st of August – 19th of June:

– 11 am to 4 pm Monday through Saturday.

– 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday

Activity program

Autumn/winter/spring (from 20th of August to 19th of June):

11:00 – Opening hour

11:15 – Feeding of fish

11:30-12:30 – Children’s Playroom is open (Saturday and Sunday)

13:00 – Diving show

13:30-14:30 – Children’s Playroom is open

14:30 – Penguin feeding

15:00 – Feeding of fish (Saturday and Sunday)

16:00 – Closing time for the aquarium Monday-Saturday

18:00 – Closing time for the aquarium Sunday

Single and annual tickets

Single tickets:

Adults 140 NOK

Children (3-15 years) 65 NOK

Children 0-3 years free of charge

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