Full Package Holiday: Offer Sounds Too Good?

– If you are
traveling with a package tour, you carry something extra in your luggage, says
The Director of Consumer Service of Norwegian Consumer Council, Ingeborg
Flønes. She notes the significance of knowing your rights and ingredient of the
package before buying it.

Flønes reminds
that everyone has right to cancel travel until 42 days to departure by paying
300 NOK. But, you need to pay more as the departure date gets closer.

– If you want to
avoid this expense, you must have insurance. There may be separate cancellation
insurance, or it may be included in your regular travel insurance, says she.

In exceptional
cases, the government discourages to travel somewhere because of natural
disasters or civil unrest that makes it risky to stay. If such a situation
arises after you have booked, you have the right to cancel without paying

Law is on your side

When we are on
holiday, we dream of happy days and plenty of beauty sleep. If you then find
that your hotel is located next to a construction site, there is a danger that
your dream holiday cracks down.

– In such a
case, the law is on your side. You can get compensation if your holiday is
ruined by unexpected circumstances. You cannot expect a high compensation but
at least you get back what you paid for the holiday, says Ingeborg Flønes.

Double Check the Meal

Do you find it
more appealing to pay for food in your package? It has become popular to have
everything included, or “all inclusive” as it is called. The Director
of Consumer Service explains that it usually means you get all meals at the
hotel. However, since the offer and expectations diverge, Flønes advices to
find the answers to these questions:

eateries you can choose from? Dining hall of the hotel, the room service and
several restaurants?

can you eat? Some served all day, others short, fixed period of time.

kind of food do you get? Some places serve dinners, others have a simple
buffet, and some lures with free ice all day. Are there ingredients you should
avoid, it is wise to check this out before you go.

are you drinking? There are hotels that do not include drinking at all.

Complain on Time

As last, Flønes
emphasizes the importance of complaining during the vacation. The tour operator
has in fact just to try to get quieter room, or make sure there is food on the
buffet. Waiting to complain until you get home may lead you to lose some
rights. Do it in writing, and be sure to keep a copy of the complaint itself, advices

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