Time for Wild Berries and Mushroom Hunting in Norway

Northern clean nature and  summer with long sunny days and white nights give an incredibly delicious taste to berries and fungi. It is not only the aroma – Norwegian berries and mushrooms are clean and healthy; they contain huge amounts of important vitamins, flavonoids, fiber, and anti-oxidants. The Berry season begins in mid July when blueberries are ripen.

-There are a lot of wild berries this year, and it is positive because there has not been much in recent years, says Siv Fagertun Remberg, associate professor in the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of Life Sciences, NTB.

Also mushroom enthusiasts can enjoy themselves. Enough moisture has probably contributed to the favorable conditions in the mushroom forest too. -Since it has not been too hot, the humidity has not dried up, so it’s probably positive for both mushrooms and berries, says Remberg.

The timing for the harvest of mushrooms and berries varies with where in the country you are due to temperature differences.

Blueberries and raspberries have normal season in July and August, and mushrooms season including chanterelles and porcini extends from July to October.

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