New Passenger Record Set in Oslo Gardermon Airport

According to ANB’s report, travellers over 18 years will use self-service passport control system, Easy Pass at the airport, with their biometric passports from Monday 17th December.

The system was introduced initially as a trial with two machines that are placed on arrival for passengers coming from countries outside the Schengen area.

The technology is based on face recognition and has a two-stage operation. After passing the first gate, traveler’s face is scanned to compare with the picture on the passport. After the image match is completed, the next door is opened and the border control finishes. The process takes about 15 seconds.

At the same time, a border guard monitors the machines and can intervene if necessary. 

– It is expected that the Easy Pass will reduce waiting time at border control. Initially, the system is only for Norwegians over 18 years, but will eventually be extended to travelers from the EU, EEA countries and Switzerland, says project manager John Ostby at the Police Directorate.

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