Would You Consider a Farm Holiday in Norway ?

There are many activities on a farm, besides taking care of the animals. Horse riding, fishing, biking, hiking and boat trips are often offered. Find a list of farms offering accommodation and/or farm activities.

Farms for children

Telemark Farms

Bø Gardsturisme have 18 farms in the county of Telemark offering different kinds of farms houses and rooms for rent, ranging from 16th century buildings, to modern ones. All with furniture, kitchen facilities, televisions and bathrooms with showers. Each farm house rooms four to ten people. Most farms have many kinds of animals and there are plenty of hiking, biking and swimming possibilities outside your room. And the fun and water park in Bø is not far away.

Røyland Farm

When visiting the Kristiansand zoo and amusement park, you can stay at the Røyland Farm, which is situated in Engesland, Birkenes, about an hours drive from Kristiansand. There are many different animals for the children to play with and learn about, and you can stay in a 15 metre tall tower stretching from the barn.

Strind Farm in Lom

If you are driving from Oslo to Fjord Norway on the west coast, you might want to consider spending a night or two at Strind Farm. The farm is beautifully situated in Lom, near the mountains of Jotunheimen. Usually the farm has sheep, chickens and horses in the summer season.

Medieval farms in the Gudbrandsdalen Area

Sygard Grytting

One of Norway’s oldest wooden hotels, owned by the same family during the past 700 years. Around 1300 AD Sygard Grytting provided lodgings for medieval pilgrims on their way to the St Olaf Cathedral in Trondheim

During the summer season 1 July – 15 August you may spend the night in a 700 year old building, the only medieval hostel preserved and still in use in Norway. You may also get a more comfortable room with private bathroom, in one of the log buildings built between 1650 and 1860.

Hågå Farm

Hågå Farm, commonly known as The Per Gynt farm, is a farm with historical ties back to medieval times, with sophisticated charm and continental comfort.

In total there are 19 charming and historical rooms. All rooms have en suite bathrooms to the highest hotel standard.

Menus are based on local traditions. The produce is either from the farm or sourced by local suppliers such as Gudbrandsdalsmat or from the neighbouring farm Brandvold. The fish which is served is from the mountain lakes, game is hunted locally or supplied by local breeders and herbs are grown in the farm’s own gardens or at Aukrust Farm in Lom.

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