Know Your Rights Before You Fly in Norway

When your
flight is delayed or canceled, we may know that we can get money for meals and
refreshments but many do not know that there are other rights and
rules as they are complicated.

If your flight
is delayed or cancelled, you are entitled to certain rights under EC Regulation
261/2004. The Regulation only applies to those passengers flying from an EU/EEA
airport or from an airport outside the EU/EEA to an EU/EEA airport on an EU/EEA

If your flight
is delayed, the length of delay and the distance of the flight will reflect the
level of assistance to be provided:

More than two
hours for flights of 1500 km or less, or more than
three hours within the EU/EEA area for flights over 1500 km, or more than four
hours all flights over 3500 km

If one of the
requirements above is fulfilled, regardless of the reason for the delay you
have the right to a written notice from the airline setting out the rules for
compensation and assistance, meals and refreshments in reasonable relation to
the waiting time, two telephone calls, emails, telexes or faxes free of charge,
and free hotel accommodation and transfers where an overnight stay is

If your flight
is delayed more than five hours, you can choose reimbursement for the part or
parts of the journey not made, or for the part or parts made if the flight no
longer serves any purpose to your original travel plan. In addition, you have
the right to a return flight to the first point of departure, at the earliest

If your flight
is cancelled, you have the right to all of the above. In addition you can,
instead of reimbursement, choose to be re-routed to your final destination as
soon as possible or at a later date of your choice. On accepting reimbursement,
the airline’s duty to provide care will cease.

cancellations or delays over three hours, you may have the right to
compensation. The airline is not obligated to pay compensation if it can prove
that the cancellation was caused by “extraordinary circumstances, which could
not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.”

is calculated as follows:

Flights up to
1500 km: €250

Flights within
the EU/EEA over 1500 km, and all other flights between 1500 and 3500 km: € 400

All other
flights: € 600

If the airline
can offer re-routing to the final destination within two to four hours
(depending on the distance of the flight) of the intended arrival, the
compensation will be reduced by 50 %.

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