Northern Lights Hunters Flow to Norway

This year, Tromsø airport counted two million air travelers while the sales of winter tours has increased by 100%. According to representatives of the local tourism industry, this figure reached with the growth in demand for the “The Hunt for the Northern Lights.”

To date, the information center of Tromsø can choose the tour according to the wishes and financial possibilities of the client: the minimum cost is 100 Euros. You can go in search for the Northern Lights on a dog sled, boat, cruise ship, snowmobile, ski or snowshoe.

Tourists come to Trømso from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, China, not to mention the Europeans – according to statistics, from more than 60 countries, just to “hunt” for the mysterious glow of the Polar sky. In Tromsø, “hunters of glow” reached 80% success to see the lights with the help of their luck.

Northern Lights – a physical phenomenon caused by the ejection of charged particles from the Sun and its movement in the direction of the Earth. The glow is formed as the result of the collision of charged particles with particles of gases in the upper atmosphere. This phenomenon can be observed mainly in the vicinity of the magnetic poles.

The tourism called “The Hunt for the Northern Lights” is also common in Iceland, in northern Sweden and Finland.

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