Four out of ten Norwegians will Stay at “Home” This Summer

According to opinion polls, the people of Northern and Central Norway prefer to stay in their own country than going abroad. At the same time, a large role in planning a vacation is family income. Among those earning less than 200 000 NOK a year, 48 percent is going to spend their vacation in Norway. Among those whose annual income ranges from 200 to 400,000, half of them is planning to stay at home. And of those whose income exceeds 800 000 NOK a year, only 24 percent will spend the entire vacation in homeland.

Underpaid holidaymakers prefer going abroad instead of spending free time with family and friends, said Erling Farstad, the expert from the Institute of Transport Economics, reported

“During the financial crisis a few years ago, we saw that a larger number of Norwegians spend their holidays at home. But when the economy strengthens, we prefer overseas “- according to Farstad’s observations.

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