Norway’s Artful Explorations are New to You

The Mini Bottle Gallery in Norway is the largest
collection of miniature bottles on the planet

«The ridiculous and enormous collection of a wealthy brewer»:
Lonely Planet describes The Mini Bottle Gallery in this way. The only museum of
its kind in the entire world, the Mini Bottle Gallery in Norway is the largest
collection of miniature bottles on the planet. There are more than 53,000
bottles on display in 50 different exhibits spread throughout a three-story

There are bottles filled with fruit and berries, bottles
filled with worms and bottles filled with mice, just to name some of the
exhibits you’ll find in the museum. Most of the bottles on display are filled
with various beers and liquors, as the place is owned by an eccentric, wealthy
brewer who just happens to appreciate miniature bottles stuffed with various

The museum also has a slide that leads down into the
“Horror Room,” where you can find even more – you guessed it –

The museum, located on Kirkegata 10 in Oslo is open on
Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00-16:00. Also, you can visit this unique
place by appointment during the week. This memorable tour of the world of
bottles is NOK 85 for adults and NOK 35 for children.

Norwegian Museum of Magic

Photo: Donald Harper

The museum is to present the work and history of Norwegian

Another extra-ordinary attraction for Oslo visitors and dwellers
is this unique spot. The Norwegian Museum of Magic aims to present the work and
history of Norwegian magicians. The museum is a fascinating place in continuous
development and well worth a visit for fans of magic.

The museum started in 1997 as the “Norwegian Magician
Archives” with a collection of posters, newspaper clips, programmes,
advertisement cards and photos. In 2001 the museum moved into its own
facilities in Munkedamsveien as the Norwegian Museum of Magic. The museum’s
collection was then expanded to also include props, costumes and other
equipment that has belonged to Norwegian magicians.

The museum is located on Munkedamsveien 65 B,on the 3rd
floor. You can visit the museum on Sundays between 13.00 and 16.00 for free. You
can also attend the Magic show on Sundays at 14.00, or buy books and observe magic
equipment exhibitions with the accompaniment of warm or cold drinks.

Additionally, you can contact the museum for group visits
outside the regular operational hours. The museum is closed during
Christmas/New Year’s.

The World Through the Eyes of Children

Photo:  Bart Heird

The International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway
is a place where children and adults, young and old, meet each other – on
children’s terms.

There are many museums for children, but this one is unique
as it is a museum by children. The International Museum of Children´s Art in
Oslo, Norway is a pioneer institution, being the world´s first full scale Museum
of Child Art. Today, the museum´s art collection contains art works by children
and young adults from more than 180 countries.

The main goal is to promote «the Rights of the Child» and in
the future also serve as a research centre for the study of the history, art
and culture of children. The museum is beneficial to children as well as to
adults and the collection is intended as a source of inspiration to both –
including artists, teachers, researchers and politicians. The museum
administration states their long-term efforts are to develop appreciation of
the value of children’s art and culture, while at the same time, the struggle
to protect the rights of the child.

The museum is located on Lille Frøens vei 4, Oslo and open
from 09.30 to 14.00 between Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The cost of this
inspiring visit is only NOK 60 for adults and NOK 40 for students and children.

Hadeland Glassverk

Hadeland Glassverk in Jevnaker, a bit out of the capital,
has always got something exciting to provide its curious visitors throughout
the year.

At Hadeland Glassverk (glassworks) the visitors become acquainted
with the production of glass from the 1800s up until today. You can learn about
the excitement of glass blowing and blow your own glass at Norway’s largest
glass museum.

Also, Hadeland Glassverk’s eight shops offer a unique
opportunity to buy both quality crystal and porcelain at fantastic factory

Additionally, Kokkestua offers tempting hot and cold dishes
based both on traditional local and national Norwegian cuisine. Specifically,
you can enjoy tasty home baking and freshly prepared filled baguettes and rolls
in the bakery.

There are activities at Hadeland in the months of February
and March. First, a winter Festival is held till February 26. The festival is
focused on traditional Norwegian arts and crafts. Skilled artisans show and
sell textiles, pottery, woodwork, jewelry and glass.

Then, in March and April, “Princess for a day” is
celebrated. It is an exhibition of bridal gowns linked to Hadeland Crystal’s
long history. Wedding presents given from Hadeland Crystal and Porsgrunds Porcelain
to the Royal Family are also on display in addition elaborate laid tables with
the very best of Hadeland Crystal. During the exhibition, the Norwegian
dressmaker Lise Sjåk Bræk shows the visitors her gorgeous gala dresses inspired
by the traditional Norwegian folkloristic “bunads”.

You can check the practical information from Hadeland’s
updated website

Decorate your own ceramics at Glazed & Amused!

The ceramics café is a great activity for team-building or a social

The ceramics café has about 70 different white ceramics
objects – mostly to eat, drink or serve from – that you can paint and colour
after you own taste and imagination.

Glazed & Amused provide the necessary equipment,
including an experienced staff who will do what they can to help you make your
own unique item. The hand-painted objects are then glazed and burned, and you
can pick them up in the shop a few days later.

The ceramics café is a great for team-building or a social
evening with colleagues, personal gifts, bachelorette parties, birthdays,
family gatherings etc.

The art studio, located on Markveien 25, Oslo, is open
everyday except for Monday between 13:00 and 18:00. Also, Glazed & Amused
is available for group rental. The ceramics café has room for 32 persons.

Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

Photo: Mario Sanchez Carrion

The museum’s collection contains approximately 35,000
items, spanning from antique Greek vases to modern art pieces.

The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design displays Norwegian
and international applied art, fashion and design from the 7th century to the
present. The museum was founded in 1876 and is one of the oldest of its kind in

In addition to changing exhibitions, the museum features the
permanent exhibitions Design & Art 1905-2005 and STYLE 1100-1905.

The museum’s collection contains approximately 35,000 items,
spanning from antique Greek vases and East Asian art to items depicting
European history. Also on display are clothing, textiles, furniture, silver,
glass, ceramics, design and handicrafts. Among the highlights are the unique
12th century Baldishol Tapestry, the collection of 16th and 17th century
pictorial tapestries and Royal Norwegian apparel.

The museum is located on Markveien 25, Oslo and open everyday
except for Monday. The entrance is free on weekends.

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