Norway Can Offer You More Than Skiing in Winter

Norway in the winter is a veritable
paradise for skiers and snow-lovers. However, this enduring season of Norway is
also commonly linked to boredom and depression. But in fact, winter can be
quite magical and fun in this country. Also skiing does not necessarily have to
be at the top of your list. There´s something for everyone here: winter walks,
dog-sledding, and snow scooter safaris are just some of the activities that can
be done to feel the joy of cold breeze.

Oslo and Bærum in Winter

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name of this interesting town comes from the ironworks (Bærums Verk) that was
built by Paul Smelter in the 1600s to produce cannon shells.

Oslo Guidebureau offers guided walking
tours in Oslo in the winter season for easy goers, with a different route and
theme for each day of the week. The tours are conducted in Norwegian and
English. Tickets can be bought directly from the guide – at a cash-only cost of
380 NOK for whole family.

Monday: Oslo – Architectural and
Multicultural Contrasts

Tuesday: Discover Detective Harry Hole's

Wednesday: Edvard Munch and Henrik Ibsen

Thursday: City Hall and Oslo Concert Hall

Friday: Oslo Cathedral and Kvadraturen

Saturday: 1000 years in Oslo

Sunday: Vigeland – His Museum and Park

Alternatively, Bærums Verk offers around 50
shops, workshops, galleries and restaurants for exploring. In an industrial
historical setting dating back to the early 1600’s, trade, craft, history and
culture are intertwined and form the basis for activities and cultural
experiences such as glassblowing, design, specialty shops, sculpture park,
historic outfield and a modern trading. Trade city Bærums Verk has received
numerous national and international awards for innovation in the development of
shopping centers. Trade Bærums Verk is located at the entrance to the pocket
valley, not far from Sandvika.

More Exotic Norwegian Experience: Dog Sledging

Snow Danzer
dog sledge race. The prince of Norway running a sledge

Dog-sledging is just one of Norway's
exhilarating outdoor pursuits: you'll travel a long distance very quickly, with
dogs as your faithful companions – meaning no engine noise and no exhaust. Once
out on the trail the only sounds you will hear is the breathing of the dogs and
the padding of their feet as they walk. Dog-sledging tours are available
throughout Norway, and tours of various distances are available. The most
exciting part is ability to take charge of your own team of dogs without a
prior experience. The dog-sledging centers usually provide professional

– tobogganing

Photo : Jay Hawksean The traditional
toboggan is made of bound, parallel wood slats, all bent forward at the front
to form a sideways 'J' shape.

If you are not a ski person, try this
enjoyable snow experience. Take the local metro to the top of the toboggan run,
and get an adrenalin rush going down at great speed. When you get to the bottom
of the run, you simply get on the metro again to reach the top!

The toboggan run is located right next to
the original bobsleigh run, built for the 1952 Olympic games. It is lit up in
the evening, and don’t be surprised to find that adults are just as eager as
children when it comes to this rather original form of activity.

and Snow Golf in North

Snow golf' is a sport based on golf but
played over snow (or ice) instead of grass.

Snow-shoeing is also a popular activity in
Norway's ski resorts. Nothing quite beats the magical feeling of donning a pair
of show-shoes and striding out on the prepared, flattened snow paths for a
guided showshoe hike by torchlight. In Hemsedal, snow golf is available during
the winter season, on a nine-hole course, which is smoothed to putting
perfection by grooming machines. Playing on “the whites” is also a
bit easier than on “the greens” since the holes are slightly larger!

Safari in Finnmark

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Rajit
Chatterjee   The guide hands out dry
suites, to put on top of our clothes, and the guests jump in the Barents Sea.
They float around in the cold water, don’t get wet.

Come face to face with the red king crab in
the Barents Sea outside the coast of Finnmark. You can go on a Kingcrabsafari
by snow mobile or by boat. The king crab can grow to 2 metres and gain a weight
of 15 kg, so you are guaranteed to see and taste the biggest and freshest crabs
in the world! At the end of the trip you can eat fresh crabs for lunch in the
restaurant near the fjord. You too can join the professional divers under water
if you have a divers’ license. But most guests are content with seeing the big
monster from ashore or a boat as it is surfaced and put into the boiling pot.

Way Ice Fishing Safari

Ice fishing is the practice of catching
fish with lines and fish hooks or spears through an opening in the ice on a
frozen body of water

Ice fishing for Arctic Char and Trout has
long roots in the arctic. Mormyschka or pilks with flies or bite are the
fishing equipment used in this activity. Adventure Camp Mehamn is made for
serving as a Base Camp for nature adventures and the fishing experience. The
advantage of the nature at Nordkyn Peninsula is that it is short distances to
the lakes. You are also guided for ice fishing tours to some of Norways best
Ice fishing lakes. An alternative is to live at the camp and rent all the
equipment you need for organizing your own ice fishing tour. Adventure Camp
rents out service for Ice fishing: Ice drill, snow shoes, cross country skis or
snowmobile and all you need for ice fishing. Another destination for the
activity is Ramfjord campsite, which is located approximately 30 min from
Tromso. Having changed into cold-resistant clothing, you will head for the ice
cap on a snow scooter. After enjoying fishing for about an hour at a fishing
spot with holes in the ice, you will return to the campsite, where you can
taste the fish you caught. Ramfjord is also known for being a great northern
light viewing spot and a Sami people habitat.


: Tomoyoshi
Ice skating in Oslo and other cities
is a popular activity and there are great ice skating rinks where you can ice
skate for free during the winter months

Do you want a more challenging winter
sport? Visit the skating rink “Spikersuppa” nearest to you. Rinks are
usually open in the evenings.

If the waters and lakes freeze over, it is
also possible to go skating in the Oslo forests. Make sure the ice is safe: It
should be at least 10 cm (4 inches) thick. Popular waters for skating are Sognsvann,
Bogstadvann, Nøkkelvann, Østensjøvannet and Maridalsvannet. After skating, do not forget to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate! 

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