Still Possible To Have a Low-budget Summer Holiday in Norway

Whether you are looking for simple wild natural experience, or you have more demands of comfort and style, it is possible to look up prices in Statskog SF.

On the websites of the largest land owner of Norway, there is a list of 87 cabins from Troms in the north to Agder in the south. Here is everything from 4 bed huts without electricity and running water to fully equipped homes with 10-12 bed and breakfast accommodation and a private bathhouse. You can click directly on the cabin presentation in the booking company’s ordering system.

Booking can be done here

In addition, Statskog SF provides considerable number of huts and simple shelters that are kept unlocked. These small huts can be used free of charge for a night while passing through on your hiking tour. Here you have everything you need – including fireplace to cook, dry wet clothing and keep warm. These can not be booked in advance. Whoever comes first, can stay.

About Statskog SF

Statskog SF is a major player in the Norwegian travel industry. In 2010 the firm sold services to almost 32 million. 4.9 million came from rentals and the organization owns half of online booking company Inatur AS.

It is also the largest land owner with ownership and responsibility for about 20 percent of the country’s land with its 23 offices and 140 employee around the country .

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