Spring Calls You for Some Adventure in Norway

1. TusenFryd: Can one Amusement Park Be So Fun?

TusenFryd is not an ordinary amusement park but a real entertainment center where you can find attractions for all ages, great shops, hotel accommodation, concerts and many places to eat.

The amusement park features dozens of spectacular rides, including SpinSpider, SpeedMonster, SuperSplash and ThunderCoaster. There are also more than 30 other rides and games, a water park, more than 20 restaurants and special area for younger children called Barnas Fryd. In the summer, guests can enjoy BadeFryd, a water park with a swimming pool, a swimming river, a triple slide and beach volleyball.

Even if your visit is on a rainy day you can still have a wonderful time, without getting cold and wet. On rainy days, you can try some of the indoor attractions. Dad can ride the bumper cars, where the smaller family members can ride the mini-bumper cars, or they all can enjoy a round or two on MC-hopp. For those wanting to ride in a slower pace, Finkarusellen is just as wonderful as on sunny days! And if you feel lucky, try out the indoor games in the park.

If you need something warm to drink, or a bite to eat, we recommend a trip to Vertshuset, which has its own coffee bar with cakes. Here they also serve a delicious buffet for the whole family! Hot, newly made pizzas at Fryden pizza can also be tempting on a rainy day. Or perhaps you would prefer a tasty burger menu at Rockburger’n

How to Get There?

The park, with its season opening on the 23rd of April, is located 20 km outside the center of Oslo at Høyungsletta 19, 1407 Vinterbro, approximately 30 km from Moss. Follow all signs from the exit of E6/E18 at Vinterbro. Parking costs 50, – NOK per car per day. Alternatively, you can take the bus from Oslo. The bus number 541 Drøbak/TusenFryd departs from the bus stop close to the central station (Fred Olsen’s gate).

2. A Unique Zoo in Europe : Kristiansand Dyreparken and Amusement Park


The park does not only host typical exotic animals from Africa but it is a good place to see animal diversity of Scandinavia.

Few parks cover such a variety as the Kristiansand Zoo, which is why it is commonly referred as the “Living Park”. Just 11 km east of Kristiansand you will find the most beautiful and natural zoo, with scenery and environment in abundance.

Kristiansand Dyreparken is actually five separate parks, including a water park (bring bathing suits and towels), a forested park, an entertainment park, a theme park, and the zoo itself, which includes an enclosure for native Scandinavian animals such as wolves and elk, a large breeding ground for Bactrian camels, and exotic animals such as lions and tigers. Also in the zoo, the Africa exhibition allows you to move along a bridge observing native savanna animals such as giraffe and zebras

Kristiansand Zoo is Norway`s most frequently visited attraction covering an area of 150 acres of wild Nordic terrain. It is totally different from other European zoos, which are characterized by bars and heavy padlocks. At the Kristiansand Zoo, the animals have wide open spaces in which to roam, but yet visitors are still able to get up close to observe some of these most beautiful animals – like the red panda, which is threatened by extinction.

The first part of the rain forest section is alive with a variety of apes and monkeys. Here you will find an open air area where some of the smaller monkeys run wild amongst the trees, climbing and swinging on the ropes while you can move amongst them! Deeper into the rain forest section with its misty and humid atmosphere, dark and scary passages lead the way to crocodiles, alligators and many other reptiles. You will find more than 800 animals living in as much freedom as possible in a natural environment.

The park is full of surprises. Not only will you find animals, but there is also the “Summer Island”, which is a bathing area with heated swimming pools and poolside entertainment. Watch the Pirates battle it out from the Black Lady ship, while you enjoy an ice cream. It is paradise for both young and old… The Living Park is a place to be remembered – a park to be revisited.

3. Be a Guest of Norway’s Most Amusing King: Kongeparken


Kongeparken is open all weekends and holidays (24th of April to 19th of September) and every day during the schools summer leave (19th of June to 15th of August).

Kongeparken is a theme park for the entire family. Make your own delicious chocolate in the Freia Chocolate Factory, ride Norway’s largest carousel, Humla, or try Norway’s longest bobsled track – over 1000 meters long! You may also dare to ride Kongeraften – go ahead and cast yourself down a mountain in rubber rafts at high speed!

In Kongeparken, Bamsekongen is the King. He has to keep a constant eye on the rascally bear Brumle who is always misbehaving and finding himself in trouble. You will also meet Brumle’s girlfriend, Brumleline, and other friendly and playful bears.

Kongeparken is a place for everyone who loves thrills, magic and excitement. The park offers over 60 attractions and experiences. You can find Kongeparken next to E-39, 10 minutes from Sandnes and 20 minutes from Stavanger.

They also provide a special Easter holiday package for only NOK 1700, where 4 people can experience a day in the Royal Park, including accommodation.

What is New in the Park?

This year Kongeparken presents two new attractions, three new shows and a new medieval area. Bamsekongen still keeps the rest of the details to himself. In time he will make an eventful release of the new attractions.

Do you have what it takes to be a potential King? Another new experience is The Sword in the Stone. Try and find out for yourself if you have the strength and wisdom to pull the Bear King’s sword out of the stone.

Among the other experiences in the new medieval area, you will find The Castle – Norway’s only Roller coaster with spinning gondolas. With a speed that can go up to almost 70km per hour, everything is set for a magical ride with sharp turns, sudden drops and dizzying speeds in and out of The Castle. The gondolas spin independent of each other so you never know how your ride will be in Norway’s newest roller coaster. In addition, you will find The Wasp, which was the major new attraction in 2009. Fly 15 meters up in the air, feel 3.5 G on your body as you plunge straight down towards the ground. You will rotate 360 degrees, never quite sure if you are flying backwards, forwards or to the side.

4. Climb up to See Norway Better


The price of this adrenaline ranges from 100 NOK to 300 NOK according to duration and location.

If you are a person of more classical adventures and taller than 140 cm, then you can choose among two exciting climbing parks in Norway: Voss Klatrepark (Climbing Park) and Geilolia High Rope Course.

Voss Klatrepark is Western Norway’s first elevated park with a total of 29 different climbing and balance obstacles, where the highest activity is located more than 13 meters above ground level.

The climbing park is located in the scenic surroundings at the river beach. The activities include two zip lines in which the longest one is over 70 meters. The activities are divided into two tracks so that more groups can be active in the park. The activities are varied, fun and challenging for children and adults alike.

Geilolia High Rope Course also has a lot of possibilities for climbing and rappelling. With a total of 31 stations and 2 zip lines, this attraction area is perfect for both groups and individuals, and of all ages. With helmets and other security equipment, you can safely pass bridges and other challenges in the air.

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