Norwegian tour agencies offer to tourists "cruise" on yacht frozen into the ice

In summer, the schooner cruises around Svalbard. Built in 1912, it was restored then and for over the last 15 years it introduces travelers to the Norwegian beauty. In winter when the water off the coast of northern countries freezes, the ship anchored, and stands in a natural way to be frozen in ice. At this time the schooner turns into the hotel, where you can see the brightest aurora in Norway, and even polar bears, which sometimes wander not far from the "Norderlihta.

Home Harbor of the schooner is located off the coast of the Tempel fjord with a magnificent view of the glacier Von Post.

On board the schooner equipped with ten double cabins, which have everything to feel near to civilization – electricity, heating and hot showers. Fans of extreme relaxation can entertain themselves by riding a sled pulled by six Siberian huskies.

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