Rent a Cabin and Experience Norwegian Spring

Cabin rental is a great base for a vacation with good nature. All these cabins (hytte) are situated among lakes, deep in the forest or by the sea and they are ideal for anyone seeking tranquility and nature. State Forest cottages have excellent opportunities for berry picking, mushroom gathering, hunting , fishing, hiking and other activities.

The cabins can be booked and paid online with prices starting from NOK 400, – per night. Most of the cabins have a wood stove and propane equipment, some have solar, while a few have 220V electricity and running water.

Where to Arrange Your Trip? is a tour-portal organized by State Forest and offers various maps, aerial photography, sightseeing trips, weather forecast, tips for houses, attractions around the country, as well as the opportunity to share GPS data. You can post suggestions, share your own and others’ experiences and make your private tour book.

    The service offered on the website includes access to:

  • Different maps of the whole Norway, including nautical charts and aerial photos.
  • Descriptions across the country.
  • Enter your own suggestions.
  • Enter the route descriptions from the GPS.
  • Download the other GPS routes.
  • Detailed weather forecast from where you are going.
  • Information on snow conditions.
  • Tips for preparing picnic and fishing activities, bridges, open arches, lodging, hiking areas, attractions and other topics.

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