Sorry, Norway, we are not good enough

They think they neither deserve nor are good enough to play in the European championship, writes NRK.

Before the match against Hungary the coaching staff made three changes: Mohamed Elyounoussi, Martin Ødegaard and Haitam Aleesami all joined the team. But physically stronger Hungarian players managed to push the Norwegian team out of the game. Already by the end of the first halftime both Ødegaard and Elyounoussi were taken off the field. During the second half Norway never succeeded in correcting the mistakes of the start and the failure was the fact.

“This just shows that we are not good enough”, – said the goalkeeper Ørjan Nyland when he walked to the press zone after the match, – “We failed today and it just proves that we are not good enough”.

Neither Martin Ødegaard, who was taken off during the first halftime, was particularly pleased when he met the journalists after the match.

– “It did not work particularly well for some of us today. We just have to apologize to the Norwegian people”, said the 16-year-old, according to NRK.

At the press conference after the match the coach Per-Mathias Høgmo had to endure the questions about his current position. Despite the failure this Sunday, he does not want to comment on his possible resignation.

– “The team has developed a lot this year. We played the group final against Italy in a very strong form. We are very disappointed about today’s match. But I hope you see that we are in the process of developing a new team, which is still inexperienced both individually and in several of the game phases”, said Høgmo to NRK.


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