Norwegian Solskjær Becomes “the manager of the month” in Premier League

Ole Gunnar Solskjær received the prize as the month’s manager of the Premier League in January. He becomes the first Manchester United manager reciving the prize since Ferguson.

Solskjær led United to five straight victories, two of them against Tottenham and Arsenal, and one draw last month.

  • The team has done a great performance and deserves all possible praise. It is the players who have done this. However, I do not look back. I have never been like that. I have never sat down and been proud before a chapter is finished, Solskjær said.

On Saturday, Solskjaer will lead his team against Fulham in the Premier League, before they play against Paris Saint-Germain in the championship next week.

Solskjær stands with nine victories and one draw on the first ten matches as the United manager.

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