Norway’s Young Talent Ødegård Signs with Real Madrid

Ødegaard which is known for playing brilliantly as a 15-year old in the Norwegian football league Tippeligaen, and also for playing with the Norwegian national football team has long been rumoured to be a topic amongst many top international clubs in Europe. After training with the B-team and the A-team of Real Madrid, and having visited them several times, the boy has finally found his team.

Ødegaard is the youngest player to have participated in Tippeligaen, and is also the youngest goal-scorer in the same football league. He is also the youngest boy to have played for the Norwegian national football team. He is being praised by Norwegian experts for being so mature both in the way he acts and in the way he plays football. Some even went as far as to call him the World’s best 15-years-old football player. (TV2’s dokumentar “Fenomenet Martin Ødegaard)

Real Madrid wants the young boy to Madrid as fast as possible, and will put their own private plane to his disposition – the same plane previously used to pick up stars such as Gareth Bale and Christiano Ronaldo.

The famous Zinedine Zidane is said to have played a key role in convincing Ødegaard to come play for Real Madrid’s sister team, Castilla. It is his plan to evolve Ødegaards skills and make him a central player for Real Madrid’s main team in the future.

Martin Ødegaard and his father, Hans Erik Ødegaard will shortly travel to Spains capital and both of them will be put to work. Hans Erik Ødegaard is said to probably receive a role in the clubs youth department, and will therefore quit his earlier job as assistant in Mjøndalen.

The total cost of the transfer is around 60 million NOK, which is equal to around 6,8 million Euros, and is the second largest transfer from Norway. John Carew currently holds the record for largest Norwegian transfer at 75 million NOK, only difference is that he was five years older than Ødegaard at the time of the transfer, which makes the Ødegaard transfer all the more impressing.


Everything is set and ready for a fabulous career for young Martin Ødegaard from Drammen in Norway.


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