Norway Beats the Danish World Record by Seven Minutes

Pilot Terje Jordfald and navigator Truls Kristiansen from Østfold broke the old record in crossing the line between Oslo and Copenhagen on Friday.

At  their 36 foot open boat with a top speed of 75 knots, the team shattered the old record by the Danes in 2013.

TV 2 has followed parts of the spectacular journey that started at Dyna Lighthouse outside Bygdøy in Oslo to Kronløbet in the Danish capital.

They got a dodgy start in the face of some big waves and the rest of the trip was strenuous with several unexpected stop. Yet they managed to beat the world record within 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Norway had the record in 1997

Jordfald says that the record attempt was to honor a friend of him.

– There is an old buddy of mine who had the record until 1997, then some Danes broke the record in 2003, I thought it was nice to take it back, says Jordfald to TV2.

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