China Examines Norway’s Historical Magical Code in Winter Sports

Norway only has a population of 5 million, fewer than ¼ of Beijing’s population(21.15million), but wins over all these countries in Winter Olympics,” writes Mu Le, from NetEase.

329 medals 118 golds, 7 times the first, Norway dominates Winter Olympics

In the last 22 Winter Olympics Norway has participated since 1924, Norway has ranked first in the medal tally for seven times, second for four times and third for two times. Norwegians have got 118 gold medals and 329 medals in total, 48 more than Americans and 276 more than Chinese.

The article also mentioned the legendary athletes from Norway: Ole Einar Bjørndalen, The King of Biathlon, who keeps the record for most Winter Olympics medals with 13 medals;  Marit Bjørgen, who is among the three most medaled female athletes in Winter Olympics with 10 medals. These geniuses shocked Chinese again, who writes “this is a miracle”.

No medal at Winter Olympics is a failure like the expectation for Ping-Pong in China

Sina Sport concludes that skiing is not only a sport, but also an essential part of everyday life for Norwegians. Although the population is only 5 million, every one of them can ski! The history of skiing in Norway can be traced back to 4000 years ago, according to a petroglyph found in North Norway. From then, the love for winter sports continues till now. Normally there is snow from October to April, which provides a perfect climate for winter sports. Norwegians are very close to nature. The idea of enjoying the outdoor life is also one reason that leads to Norwegian’s success in Winter Olympics. Children are encouraged to go out even when it is freezing and many use skiing board as a transport. The confidence of Norwegians in winter sports is similar to that of Chinese in Ping-Pong.

Oslo being toughest competitor for Beijing and Zhangjiakou for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Although there is concern that Oslo may quit the competition due to a low support rate from citizens, Beijing still takes Oslo as its toughest opponent. Mu Le writes, “Norway has held Winter Olympics twice, they are not short of experiences. Oslo also has held countless skiing events in hundreds of years. Although, the performance in Winter Olympics is not decisive for hosting one, but who can ignore the bid from the best country in Winter Olympics?…The achievement and craze for winter sports from this country should be respected and studied by everyone. ”

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