Norway’s Curling Team and Their Pants Continue to Attract Attention

Early Monday morning, the famous Facebook page The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team’s Pants  (with 545,536 likes) released a message:”Apparently, the host country wanted to upstage the Norwegians. So they have red paisley…The match between the two will be epic. But we all know who wins, both on the ice and on their legs.”

The two teams are going to meet Tuesday morning at 11:00. Photos from practice session have already given a glimpse on their new uniforms-knickers in Norwegian flag patterns.

Earlier photo from the Associated Press showed Thomas Ulsrud, sweeping in his rosy knickers. And the Norwegian curlers stated every curler in the place stopped to look at such a spectacle.  Yes, they are just too flashing to ignore. 

Christoffer Svae from the team told the Guardian how the whole story began: “We received the black T-shirts and jackets from our [Norwegian curling] federation quite late and there were no pants to go with the set, so we decided to go ahead and find some more colourful pants to get some of the nation’s colours in there; red, white and blue,” says Svae. “We just happened to find these diamond-shaped, red, white and blue pants online and decided to buy them.” 

Absolutely the pants are more than just uniform, which also bring huge popularity to the game itself.  “We feel pretty good about it: it is just a way to make our sport popular and get into the media. I think it will be popular around the world and hopefully more people will come and check it out. So I feel we contribute on and off the ice. We are a pretty decent curling team – and also we have this going with the fashion,” Svae says.

Norwegian curling team’s journey at Sochi started with a victory against the USA yesterday (7-4). A schedule for Norwegian Curling team in all the Men-Qualification matches can be found below.

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