Let the Games Begin for Norway – Winter Olympics in Sochi

According to a graph displayed by TV 2, Norway is historically the country with the most medals in the winter Olympics. Norway is also the country with the most gold medals; with 107 gold medals, which is way ahead of the USA, which has 88 gold medals in total.

“More than 1,000 years ago, the Vikings evolved into fierce, intimidating conquerors. Now the Norsemen are at it again, this time in the form of the Olympic team from tiny Norway.”

This is how The Wall Street Journal initiates their predictions about which country is going to go home with the most medals from this years winter Olympics in Russia.

“This country of five million people is poised to pull off one of the great triumphs in sports by winning the overall medal race and likely the most gold medals at the Sochi Olympics.” Writes the newspaper further down in the article.

If The World Street Journal is right, Norway is going to take 33 medals.

Sports Illustrated on the other hand predicts no individual gold medal for the Norwegian cross-country ski favourites Marit Bjørgen and Petter Northug. They believe that there is a risk that the big favourites might disappoint because they have so much to live up to.

The coach for the Norwegian cross-country team Vidar Løfshus believes that the magazine Sports Illustrated are wrong, and that they probably know too little about cross-country skiing. To VG he adds that he is much more positive than Sports Illustrated, but that it is also his job to be positive.

Sports Illustrated also predicted the outcome before the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. Back then they only missed with one medal. They guessed that Norway would take 22 medals, but Norway went home with 23 medals.






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