Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen Wins World Cup Race in Slalom

In front of 45 000 slalom enthusiasts, Kristoffersen beats Olympic slalom favourites Marcel Hirscher and Felix Neureuther with 0.18 and 0.19 hundredths with an extravagant second run. This is Kristoffersen´s first big victory in his career.

“It was really close, both runs,” Kristoffersen said. “I have been watching these guys for years. I am a big fan of Marcel and have watched a lot of his videos.”

Kristoffersen has had a rapid progression in his technique. Tuesday´s race was only the 21th World Cup race for Kristoffersen, who also is a two-time junior world champion.

His recent results made him enter the elite group of seven slalom racers who gets the best start numbers each race. Kristoffersen who opened the race wearing Nr. 1 says that “getting into the top-seven helps a lot, and today I got a good start number as well.”

About the race, Hirscher said that he had “a super cool run but I ran out of energy shortly before the end. That´s where I had a couple of mistakes. Henrik didn´t, that´s why he won.”

Asked about the World Cup winner, Hirscher called him “an awesome ski racer with a brilliant technique.”

With only a few days left until the Olympics in Sochi, Kristoffersen says that “I haven´t been thinking about the Olympics too much as the World Cup is more important to me now, […]but after winning here and with Sochi coming up, who knows?”

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