Norway Starts Ice Hockey WC with Victory

The second day of the Ice Hockey World Championship has started with the bright news for Norwegian fans. National team has beaten Slovenia with great 3-1 score. With the efforts of Anders Bastiansen, Norway has gone forward already in the second minute of the match, and in the 14th minute he proceeded with the second goal. However just before the finish of the first period Slovenian team has scored one puck by Žiga Jeglic.¬†

Decoupling of the match occurred for one and a half minutes before the final siren when the Sloveniens were entitled to a free throw but failed to implement it. Five seconds before the end of the match Norway has struck an empty net and kept the winning score.

Norway – Slovenia – 3:1 (2:1, 0:0, 1:0)

1:0 – Bastiansen (Olimb) – 01:02.

2:0 – Bastiaans (Olimb) – 14:03.

2:1 – Jeglic (Ticar) – 19:43.

3:1 – Hansen (Forsberg) – 59:55.

Goalkeepers: Haugen – Kristan.

Throws: 25 (11/02/12) – 22 (4-10-8).

Penalty: 8 (2-4-2) – 10 (4-2-4).

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