Norwegian Ski Resorts Have Bet on Family Tours

First, the emphasis in the promotion of resorts will be on family tourism. The Norwegian resorts are used for this purpose mainly by the residents of the Scandinavian countries, and on the first place – mostly by Norwegians, so resort managers are gradually trying to “switch” international tourists to the same type of ski holiday.

“We analyzed the real needs of international tourists and see that there is a need for family-friendly resorts, the target audience for this is ready” – explains director of Tourism Council of Norway at a press conference on the ski 2013-2013 season in Norway. So far, according to experts, tourist arrivals to the ski resorts of Norway is slowly but steadily increasing: the total growth is 5-6% per year, but the overall change is significant. Thus, in 2008, tourists stayed only 2 thousand nights in the ski resorts in Norway, and in the last year this number was already 17 thousand and is still growing. In the future, the Norwegian side expects the number of ski tourists to be doubled.

The Representatives of Tourism Council of Norway noted that among all other strengths the first comes transport accessibility. Ski resorts, especially Trysil and Hemsedal, which were discussed at the press conference, are in direct reach to Oslo. Accordingly tourists from main cities can use direct flights.

Another argument that Norwegians believe is important for reorientation the ski tourist traffic from other directions for their resorts is the price of lift pass. “On average, the ski pass at resorts in Norway is cheaper than in Austria”, – said Sondre Amdahl, SkiStar resorts’ sales and marekting director. However, Norwegians still bet on “non-budget” tourists. “Incoming tourists on average spend more money at the resort than Norwegians themselves,” – said Sondre Amdahl.

Another feature of the Norwegian resort is the duration of the season. In fact, the snow season goes on from October to the end of April and the snow quality is financially guaranted by Norwegian party  – visitors who did not find the slopes snowy enough will receive full financial compensation. But tourists en masse don’t use this opportunity. An average tourist comes to the Norwegian ski resort for a week, and mainly – in the Christmas holidays.

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